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Welcome to Frank Moran & Sons, Inc.

Bingo Supplies & Equipment 


Oriole Jacket $119.00 Each.  
Call us today to order your jacket.


Please contact us for excellent prices on our used bingo machinery.  Call us at 410-242-6233 (or toll free at 1-800-247-7856), or send an email to receptionist2@moranandsonsbingo.com.


Frank Moran & Sons operates a 15,000 square foot showroom/warehouse in Baltimore, with satellite warehouses in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The company employs 24 people and operates a fleet of 10 vehicles. This family business has a heart and soul that is based on caring service, with a work ethic that goes the extra mile.


In 1972, the paint company Frank worked for folded. He found himself without a paycheck and six small children to feed. Working from his basement office, he turned his part-time operation into a full-time bingo distributorship, using the family station wagon to deliver supplies.


In 1978, with the business steadily growing, Frank acquired a small warehouse and two delivery trucks. He brought his son Jeff on board. In the early 80's, his son Stephen joined the firm. And in 1990, his youngest son Glenn graduated from college and joined the family business that had expanded its territory beyond Maryland, and into neighboring Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.


Frank Moran's sons know and understand their father's strong work ethic. They were raised on it. Watching their father's persistence as he worked long hours and endless days prepared them for the 24-hours a day, 7 days a week schedule to which they devote themselves.


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